Hello & a few thoughts

I’ve been worrying that I would never arrive back here at my blog, but here I am on a Monday evening with an urge to write something and instead of ignoring it and doing something else, I pulled out my notebook instead.

It’s been a pretty tough day today and without sounding too dramatic, I think I cracked a little. I think feeling like this today could be what’s led me to feel like writing something so maybe, just maybe - it was meant to happen?

Living in the now.jpg

Now we’ve got to September, I can’t help but have the cliche feeling of wondering where this year has gone. At the same time though, I know exactly where it’s gone.
I’m not sure that I’ve ever been this busy to be honest. Whether that’s spending time building on my relationship, renovating our home, lots of family times or time to myself curled up with a book. I’ve been so caught up that I just stopped creating. And I love creating.

I hope that the last few months of this year bring about my creative side again. I hope that I pick up my camera just because I love it again. I miss sharing my photos, my Instagram has had a tumbleweed going across it for quite a while now & I would really love to work on changing that.

I have no idea if anyone will be reading this, but if you are then a huge hello to you and I hope that you’ll stick with me.

Bye for now x

Claire Wakefield