Three things this April

We’ve just hit May and with that has come an intention to write for my blog. I was worried that it had vanished forever so I’m happy that this feeling has come back around again.

A fact about this month for you. It has mainly been spent watching and talking about the new season of Game of Thrones. Episode three was no joke but has also left me feeling a bit confused - anyone else?



Well, Easter was a bit of a crazy one and quite tiring to say the least! Having four days off of work was the absolute best though and the sun even came out which was lovely.



There’s been three birthdays this month which has been lots of fun and lots of time spent with family. There’s also a big birthday coming up in May which is very exciting (not mine)!


new things

April saw a couple of new things come into our life - one of those being a new car which is incredible. We share a car together and we both wanted a new one. So basically, we went out, found one and we both absolutely love it. I feel so lucky and I never want to not appreciate what we have.


april snaps


what did you get up to in april?