April's List

I totally missed creating a list for March, but I did chat about what I got up to in my most recent post here. It’s currently Friday evening (almost April) so I thought it was about time that I set some goals for this upcoming month.



spend less

It sounds so silly, but we’re struggling to spend less at the moment because of our house renovations. We spend our weekends decorating, meaning we are usually needing new bits all of the time, whilst also coming up with ideas on how we want rooms to look which also means buying things.

So going through this house renovation process makes it quite hard to save as much money as we’d like each month. But I’m pretty sure there’s more room to make with this and certain aspects we could spend less on. Food for one. We’re a bit terrible at spending too much money on food!


finish the stud wall in our bedroom

Last week, we finally got round to building the stud wall in our bedroom which is so exciting! We’ve got a lot more to do though. We have one more board to put up because we ran out, skirting, coving, smoothing the walls out and painting! We have our work cut out for us for now, but the end result makes it all worth it. I post home renovation updates on my Instagram every now and then if you wanted to see a little more on what we’re up to.


take some pretty photos

I’m feeling that I’d like to get more creative with my photos for Instagram. I haven’t been posting much at all lately, although you will see bits from me on stories. Because I’d like to be more curated (not too curated, I do like the more instant and casual snaps) with my content, any photos that I have don’t look like what I want to be posting hence my silence on there! Being busy with the house in our spare time as well makes it a little difficult to make time to use my camera, but I’d really like to try to do a little bit this month.


what are your plans for april?