Three Things This March

March has been a pretty good month for me, but it also feels like it has gone on for everr. I’m currently scrolling through my calendar to see what I’ve been up to because I can’t remember off the top of my head. It looks like there’s been lots of appointments which is the boring bits, but there’s also been seeing my family and a birthday.



Quite a bit of shopping seems to have been going on this month! It was my sister Lily’s birthday at the beginning of March and part of that included a day shopping trip where I bought quite a few home pieces. We went to Homesense where all the best homeware bits are, it’s definitely a weakness.

Me and Jamie also went plant shopping a couple of times! We’ve got quite a few new indoor plants that we have added into our home which we absolutely love. Our Monstera, although I like to call it a cheese plant, is still my favourite though. We also picked up a couple of outdoor plants for our garden which we have planted after clearing out all of the weeds and dead trees that were in the space before.


game of thrones

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is coming out in April. Jamie has been wanting to watch it again, I had only watched one season beforehand and then didn’t watch anymore and so we decided that I needed to catch up on all episodes before the new season is released so that we can watch it together.

I didn’t get into it until the last episode of season two, which is where, in my opinion, everything changed quite drastically and everything became all the more interesting. Fingers crossed we finish all of the seasons so far in time!



Renovating our home is back underway again, and with the brighter weather we are now able to start tackling our garden as well! It hasn’t been looked after for years and needs so much attention, but being outside when the suns out has been really nice although we ache so much at the end of the day.
Continuing inside our home is back underway as well. It’s been a lot of the boring bits though to be honest, that being a whole lot of sanding, smoothing out the walls, sanding again and that’s about it at the moment.


march snaps


what’s your favourite thing from march?