Let's Talk: I'm Not Interesting Enough

I’m not interesting enough. I’m pretty sure about that. But I’m also sure that feeling this way isn’t okay and am fancying a little chat about this here.

You’ve heard it many times before. “You only see everyone’s highlight reel”. I totally get that, but it doesn’t make dealing with seeing these highlight reels every day any easier. At least for me, anyway.

I’m pretty good at not spending too much time online. I’m conscious of being in the moment and enjoying myself rather than looking at a screen. This often means that I forget to share a lot of things, because it doesn’t really cross my mind to most of the time.

Although a lot of the time, I feel like I’m not really doing much worth sharing with everyone. So, I guess I don’t really bother.

When I switch this up and look at this from an outside perspective. I can imagine that knowing what everybody else is up to in their everyday lives sounds pretty interesting, and I’d love to know about it! It’s the normal, every day content that I see online that I enjoy the most.

Looking at it in this way makes me think that I’m a little silly for feeling the way that I do, but shifting this insecurity out of my head is a constant battle that I hope one day I’m going to win. Or at least, keep trying!

Do you enjoy seeing normal, every day sort of content? Or do you prefer more curated and exciting content?