3 Books That I Can't Wait To Read #2


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Welcome to another post in my books I can’t wait to read series! I haven’t written one of these since June, making this one a little overdue. If you fancy seeing what I read before, I will link the post here for you. They were some lovely books and I very much enjoyed reading those!


'notes on a nervous planet' by matt haig

Something I’ve learnt, is that I seem to be a bit of a fan of Matt Haig. I read his book 'reasons to stay alive' a few years ago and am currently reading 'the humans' which I am enjoying so much that I can't wait to get back to reading it. Notes on a nervous planet is one that I have been wanting to pick up for a little while, and ended up receiving it for my birthday which was really nice. I first heard of this book from Hannah Maggs when she mentioned it in one of her videos and it looked pretty inspiring. So I can't wait to read this one, I'm sure I'll love it as much as his other books!


This is Sally Rooney’s second novel, and you’ve probably heard of it. I’ve seen it everywhere and it’s got a pretty good rating on Goodreads too. What caught my attention was “It's about how difficult it is to speak to what you feel and how difficult it is to change.” It sounds like a book that I’m going to love!


Another book with pretty good ratings on Goodreads. This one caught my eye when it was posted on somebody’s insta stories. The cover is beautiful and will probably sit on my shelf forever for me to look at, after reading it, of course. The first line of the blurb says “Sometimes it's not easy to find self-worth in a world that seems obsessed with telling us we're not good enough.” Sounds like something worth reading.


have you read any of these books? would love to know your thoughts!

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