Five Free Things To Do In Oxford

Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity College, Oxford

Being totally truthful here, one thing that I always google before I take a trip somewhere is what free things that there are to do there. Sometimes I find that trips away can get just a little too expensive, so it’s important to include those fun freebies in there while you are away.

That’s what I’m here to tell you all about. Five free things that you can do if you’re taking a trip to Oxford. Which by the way, I highly recommend as it is a really beautiful place that everybody must see.


museum of natural history

You always gotta go to a museum, right? Cities normally always have them, and they are normally always free. So, why not? They can turn out to be pretty interesting too, like the Museum of Natural History for example. Everybody loves a Natural History Museum, and what’s more? It’s free! When we went to Oxford, it was pretty cold so it’s even nice as a retreat from the weather if that’s what you need. Dinosaurs and the history of life on earth would have to be my favourite finds there - they’re always super interesting to look at!



My favourite part of Oxford is all of the beautiful buildings. A lot of those buildings did in fact turn out to be the University, which I didn’t expect. I can only imagine what is must be like inside these buildings, as we unfortunately didn’t seem to be able to go inside a lot. I assume that this would be to protect students privacy and so on. You can, however, book University of Oxford walking tours and I would have thought that you’d be able to see a little more on those.
If I was to go back, I would book one of the walking tours if you could get to explore a little more and also be able to learn a few things from the tour guide, which we probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.


Ashmolean museum

This one was my favourite museums that we visited. All of the historical artefacts were so interesting, and they had so many of them! I especially enjoyed the Egyptian and the Greek sections. I honestly couldn’t believe that this museum was free, I kept saying it to myself as I was walking around. The building was pristine and everything was presented so well. This is a must see, and again - was totally free.


wander the city streets

One thing that I love to do on a city break, is to take time to wander around the streets and take it all in. I would much rather walk somewhere than get in a taxi. I wouldn’t like to miss a hidden street or a cool little cafe. It really is the best way to take everything in and really enjoy where you are.


oxford covered market

We found this little place when we was on the hunt for somewhere to eat for Lunch, and we found the perfect spot. Taylors, a cafe. They did pasta to go, which is my idea of heaven so of course I had that for lunch both days that we were visiting. It also had a lovely little flower shop there, which lots of variety and at a good price too!


is oxford on your travel list?

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