February's List

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The monthly goals posts are back! My last one was in August, and oh my things have changed since then. It feels crazy to look back, although I don’t think that my priorities in life have changed too much to be honest. My main life goals haven’t changed, they’ve always been the same. I guess it’s just the circumstances around me that have.

I do love coming up with some ideas of what I would like to achieve each month. It helps break down the small things you’d like to achieve, and help you work towards the bigger things.



I would really like to invest some more time into taking photos regularly. I love having my camera in my hand, taking snaps and getting creative. I especially need to gather come content for my blog posts. Now the evenings are so dark, it can be pretty difficult to get the photos that I like, it’s got me craving the lighter evenings again (even though I would really love some snow) where it’s not dark when I finish work. All it’ll take is just a bit more effort on my part. I’m so used to my lazy evenings but I could really use my time in the evenings more wisely…


gather some travel ideas

I mentioned in my goals post for 2019 that I’d love to have a few trips away this year. In February, I’d really to make a start on this. Mainly doing some research, getting some prices and things like that. It’s always fun to get some ideas together to see where you can go!


try yoga again

I’d very much like to get back into some sort of exercise. I get quite achey at times, and it’s probably because I’m not really moving my body and exercising like I probably should be (I’m really trying not to use the word “should” as it’s a bad word, but nothing else really made sense so). I’ve gone on a couple of long walks at the weekend lately, which was good but I definitely need something else in my routine. I used to make time in the mornings to do even just 15 minutes of yoga, which I imagine will be a really good thing for me.


what would you like to do this february?

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