My Four Best Posts From 2018

I thought that it might be nice to do a little round up of my blog posts from 2018. It’ll be good to reflect on what content I enjoyed creating the most, which I’ll be able to move forward with this year.

I would also love to hear from you, on what you like to read from me the most.


This was my first let’s talk post. I would really like to do a few more of these chatty ones and sharing what’s on my mind.

When I wrote this let’s talk, I was feeling like everybody around me was steaming ahead and I was being left behind. But, that is totally okay.

Everybody has their own timeline. You can’t compare your stage in life, to somebody else’s stage in life. We are all at different places and we all progress in our own ways.

I am big believer in everything is as it is meant to be. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, it wasn’t meant to be. You didn’t achieve that thing you wanted? Maybe, it wasn’t meant to be.
I guess you could say that I believe in fate. But, I do also like to believe that we have some sort of control over what is happening in our lives and what direction it is heading in.

if you need a little pick-me-up, this could be a good post for you.


48 hours in the cotswolds

A place full of beautiful houses and buildings. Sounds like a pretty picture perfect place to me.

I can’t recommend visiting The Cotswolds enough. I loved every little village that I visited. It was winter when I went, so I would love to go back in the summer at some point to experience a different side. There was also a little bit of snow when I was there, which was pretty magical.

In this blog post, I talk about where I stayed, the villages and placed that we visited and it’s full of photos if you like that sort of thing.

have you visited the cotswolds?


This post is the first photoshooty type of post that I’ve done. It was fun but also ssooo nerve-racking. I’d love to do more of this this year, as it’s definitely one of my favourrrite posts that I’ve ever done.

I remember it being so hot this day, which also reminded me how nice the weather was for our summer last. Fingers crossed for another lovely one this year!

do you like seeing these kind of posts?


I enjoyed creating this post a lot. It allowed me to share some of my favourite Instagram accounts at that moment. I have found beautiful and inspiring accounts from the recommendation of other people.

I also follow so many lovely new accounts since this post, which I’m achinggg to share so maybe you’ll see another one of these popping up on this blog soon!

what’s your favourite insta account?


Are any of these posts your favourite from 2018?

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