October's list

My goodness, this year has absolutely flown by and it’s basically Halloween and then we’re pretty much at Christmas. Whaaaat. Now we’re fast approaching 2020, I’m finding myself gathering my thoughts a bit and thinking more about the future. As it’s the beginning of the month as well, I thought this style of post would be nice and easy to get me back into the swing of things. So let’s get going!



this blog right here

You may or may not have noticed a new blog post on here not long ago after a raaather long break, where I just said a little hello & a few chats. So one of my thoughts for this month and the end of this year really, is getting back into my blog and sharing my photos and rambles once again.

Rewinding back a few months, I gave myself permission to sort of forget about my blog and my Instagram and to use the time instead to focus on myself. I really needed it. But I’ve found myself wanting to come back and wanting to put my stamp out there again. I’ve been posting on my Instagram feed again and keeping up to date on stories most days as well which has been fun. I’m very excited to see where all of this goes! :-)


learning & doing

I have kickstarted this month with lots of learning with an online course and also a book (with more books on the way, ofc). Now we’re getting back into the colder seasons, I know I’m going to be picking up reading a lot more so this is a perfect opportunity for some advice and self help books etc.
It’s important that I make sure that I am doing as well though. Researching, reading and learning can only get you so far, the real magic happens when you actually physically do something. Which I am starting to do and want to make sure I consistently try to do this through October as well.


Usually I try to come up with three goals for the month ahead when I do these posts, but I’ve only got two and to be honest those are enough. Who makes up the rules anyway haha!


if you have any plans or goals set for october, i would love to hear from you in the comments so we can feel inspired for the month ahead x

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