A Reflection On 2018

I wasn’t sure that I would be writing this blog post so soon, but here I am.

Wondering about how and where to start this post, I think here would be pretty good - so here goes. For the past two years, I have been writing down all of the memories that are important to me and storing them in a jar. At the end of both years, I have written them all up, nice and neatly, into a notebook. Then I’m able to read through my favourite moments of those years, whenever I’d like.

Just yesterday, I wrote up all of 2018’s memories into my notebook. Looking back through the year, all I can say is that it sure wasn’t easy to go through. There were some incredible highs, but there was also some incredible lows. Even so, I am so glad that I made the decision to start writing everything down like I have, as I’d never like to forget those moments as they are part of me.

I am so different now to how I was last year. Everything is so different now, I have grown so much and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have just turned 24, and I have never felt more myself than I do right now. I have learned some pretty big lessons and I hope to continue learning and growing as a person.


I think that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say on looking back at last year, but I really hope that my love for writing and my blog is back now. I have a few more posts that I’d like to write up, so hopefully they’ll be on here soon.


how do you reflect on the past year?

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