August's List

hellllooo, August.

Until I came to writing up this post, I genuinely thought we still had July to go - what is happeningggg. I also never got round to a July's list, which could be why my brain seems to be a little bit frazzled about what month it is!
Looking back on June, I had a pretty busy time & July was no different. I had weddings, the Royal Ascot, seeing Ed Sheeran live & a few working weekends as well - it felt pretty non stop and now that's all over (including Love Island, I have a spare hour in my evenings now that I'm wondering what to do with) I'm looking forward to getting back into my blog, my photography & just working on myself in general.

I hope that you've had a great month and are looking forward to the Summer as much as I am!



I spoke a little about this in my May's list when I first started to think about this more. I've been struggling with food and what to eat because it might leave me feeling unwell, and it's got to the point where I really need to sort it out. 
I plucked up the courage today and booked a doctors appointment which I have been putting off for ages, so fingers crossed this goes okay, I don't get put off and never go back..



This one has of course got to be in here! We have been so lucky with our weather so far, it's been warm most days which has been so lovely. Something as simple as making sure that I'm stopping & enjoying what's going on around me makes the world of difference to my mood. Like taking an afternoon off in the sun and just spending hours reading or taking a drive to the beach, sounds perfect to me.


and that is pretty much it! i only have two things in this post, as this is all i really want to focus on and sometimes less is more!

what are your plans for august?