Let’s Talk: Feeling A Little Rubbish

Last week and going into this week, I have been feeling honestly so rubbish. And it turns out a lot of us are feeling that way.

All of a sudden, I am overwhelmed and feeling super tired along with lacking motivation for anything and everything. It's already been a week of feeling this way, and as I'm writing this it is now the next Monday. I decided to have today and tomorrow off of work, so a nice extra long weekend in order to take a step back and pull myself back together in a way.


Even just the small things and have been feeling like they're a mountain to climb, so taking a step back is very much needed. It's not very often that I do let myself do that, but what's the point in feeling stressed out all the time?  Taking it slow days, are the best kind of days after all.

On a bit of a wilder note (if I do say so myself), I've been getting into astrology a lot more lately and one thing that has popped up a lot this month is that it is/or was the Mercury Retrograde. And apparently, this is the time where everything seems to go a little wrong. It's also a good time for reflection and to think about our intentions, which is what my brain has definitely been up to.

If you're wanting to read a little more into that, this website should be helpful and give you more of an insight.


have you been feeling the same way or have you been totally okay? would love to know!

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