Polka Dots

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polka-dots-10-small (1).jpg
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The weather's getting warmer here in the UK, and that in itself is pretty special. I do feel like we have been super lucky with our weather (let’s forget about those snow storms for a second) so far this spring, and I’m praying for a lovely warm (hot would be even better) summer to come.

These photos were taken just the other weekend, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I literally love them so much. My lovely friend Beth from A Life of Beauty took them for me, and I’m so pleased with them it’s unreal. Like, is that really me in those photos?!

And as you can see, it was warm enough to get my shorts out! These are a new pair that I picked up from Missguided - they are comfortable, kept me cool and look pretty nice as well.

The top was an absolute bargain from New Look for just - how could I say no? So down to the nitty gritty, I couldn’t wear a “normal bra” with this one, because the straps come in slightly, so it would of been on show which personally, I don’t think would have been a very good look on me. But, that is where the wonderful strapless bra comes in.

I feel very lucky to have been gifted such a lovely one from Upbra. They’re designed to be great for smaller chests (such as myself) and larger ones! They have so much support, that it’s good for all of us - which I think is pretty amazing.


If you're thinking of purchasing your own, I have a discount code WAKUPBRASB10D available for $10 off!

Disclaimer: this post contains products that have been gifted to me