May's List: Reflection


It's been a pretty (very) busy month, in my work and personal life - and it's not gonna stop there! June is going to be the busiest month of my life ever I think, but we'll get more into that when I get onto creating my list for June.

I've been feeling really "in the swing of things" if you get me. It's been busy but I think I've been doing pretty well at it despite some v stressful moments, but it's all good. I also think that I've accomplished most, if not all of my goals for May so let's get the ball rolling...

If you need to catch up on May's list, I'll link it right here for you!



I made the executive decision to tick this one off, because I am nearly there! I've got one last thing on my mind that I need to get sorted which will be happening this weekend, and all going well will free up my brain a little bit which will be nice!



I'm still going strong! What I'm eating every day is a lot better, although I still haven't given up chocolate (and never will). But just making small changes such as switching from milk to oat milk, has made a huge difference in the way I feel.



Wowwee, I on a roll - another one ticked off! I've done so much more engaging this month and feel really good for it. Through it I have also discovered more blogs that I love to read and also new Instagram's, I'm not sure how that works or how I've done that but it's great either way! Because I'm engaging more on Instagram as well, I'm seeing more of my faves on my feed too.


how's your month of may been - did you set yourself any goals?