June's List


*deep breath* I almost feel like I am bracing myself for this month - there is just so much going on! Every weekend is full and I've never felt like I've had this much of a social life to be honest, and it's pretty great! It's also really nice to have so many things to look forward to and keep me feeling positive.

I'm currently writing this post while watching the very first episode of this year's Love Island, wwwwooo. I'm also pretty excited for this to be my evenings for the next eight weeks as well, not gonna lie.

polka-dots-4 (1).jpg


This weekend, me and Matt are heading up to Newcastle for the weekend (six hour drive, wish us luck)! I am so excited to spend the day exploring the city, and then seeing Ed Sheeran in the evening which will be really exciting.
I'm sure that I'll take TONS of photos as well, so you'll see a little post with them all in soon I should think!


get dressed up

I have two dressy occasions this month - a wedding and Ascot. I don't get dressed up very often, and I'm surprisingly really looking forward to it and just having fun! As I mentioned earlier, it is such a jam-packed month with things to do so I'm super excited.


stress less

I mentioned in my May reflection post that there have been some verrry stressful moments as of late. But just the other day, I sort of woke up and just did not want to be such a stress head anymore - and as easy as that, I seem to be a lot more chilled out. I feel like this is too easy and that I shouldn't be able to change my perceptive just like that, I'm sure I probably haven't but I'm feeling alright so I'm rolling with that.
Sometimes the things I get stressed out have been totally out of my control, which as I'm sure you'd agree, aren't worth stressing over. So, stress less is definitely something on my agenda!