RT Book Club #2


I picked up this read from a lovely little independent book shop in St Ives, Cornwall. What made me pick it up was that I loved the cover (you gotta love a pretty book cover), but what made me buy it was because it's all about a girl that travels to Italy, Florence to be exact, to re-discover her past. I love reading about places in books - cobbled streets, gelato shops, historic buildings. Sounds perfect to me.

I have sorta been saving it on my little book shelf. But once I had finished 'Little Fires Everywhere', I really fancied a light hearted read and this is the one that I went for.


Love & Gelato isn't a long read but it took me about 2 weeks, only reading for half an hour or so every now and then. So deffo a good option if you're looking for something not too dense for your next book.



Lina, travelled to Italy to spend the summer as it was her mother's dying wish. When she is there, she has her mother's old journal from when she lived there & therefore spends her time re-visiting places in the journal and learning all about her mothers past as well as who her father is!



I really enjoyed this book, and would actually read it again. It was light-hearted and easy to follow with a good story. I absolutely loved reading about the city and the cobbled streets, bakeries, historic buildings, gelato & all that jazz - that's just me all over. 
The romance side to the story was super preciatble, but who doesn't love a bit of that sometimes aye!