April's List: Reflection

It's come to that time again when I need to sit down and gather my thoughts, which are aalllll over the place at the moment. But for most of the month, it has been a pretty good one.
We had an amaazzzing heatwave two weeks ago, and I so wish that we could have the sun beaming like that all the time. Maybe I should pack a suitcase and move abroad, then the weather be a sure lot nicer! I've seen a lot of people vacating in Ibiza lately, and it's made me wanna visit asap. 
Towards the end of this month, I have also been working on getting my life on track with the help of a schedule. Yep, you read correct, a schedule. I saw this tip a few times on YouTube videos, blog posts, and I always thought naaahhh that is way too boring. But no, turns out I absolutely love to create a schedule for myself to help plan my days a little, and the feeling of crossing these tasks off is also the best feeling.

The only trouble is that I just haven't been making the time for my little space here because, you guessed it, I've been stuck in a bit of a rut again. But, it happens to the best of us, right? I've been taking steps to try and pull myself out of it, but man, it is hard work. Pushing past the thoughts in your head that are stopping you, is the toughest part of getting through it, but I'm hanging in there & hoping I'll be out of this dip in no time!



I almost completed this one! I am half way through my second book, so it's all goooddd. My first book was 'Little Fires Everywhere' by Celeste NG and it was a pretty good book, which I also created my first book club post about. The book I'm on now is 'You Are A Badass At Making Money' - I was unsure on this at first and sort thought, mmmm, do I really wanna read this? But it's turning out that I really like it and it's inspired me a little.



Last month I had such a good month in managing my money, I am literally clapping to myself right now. I treated myself to a little somethin, somethin but only one thing - not a full on spend up because I feel like I'm having a quarter life crisis. 
I had nearly enough left at the end of the month of pennies that I hadn't spent, so I was able to pay off nearly the rest of what was left on my credit card. And what a good feeling that was
But I am pretty proud of myself for having a successful month, so here's to another one!



I feel a bit terrible writing this, but I actually totally forgot about this one! I'm hoping that this can be something that I'll get around to this month, as I need something to look at to remind me of my goals and what I'm looking to achieve. Maybe I'll do some searching on Pinterest for some inspo on this, I'm struggling to muster up any ideas!


How did your april go? did you achieve any goals/tasks that you set yourself?