48 Hours In The Cotswolds

A few weekends ago, me and Matt took a little trip to The Cotswolds for two days and two nights.

We jam-packed our days with visiting lots of different towns, and spent the evenings chilled af in our hotel. I love getting loads out of a trip and seeing as much as I possibly can, but it was also really important to us to include some downtime as this was also a break from work and normal life - which was v. much needed.

I’d love to go back when the weather is warmer and see more of the beautiful towns, in a different light. I can imagine a lot of the cottages being covered in flowers and there being more to do in the towns as well.

Matt’s dream would be driving around in a convertible with the sun shining and the roof down. So we’ll definitely have to do that at some point. 

So let’s get on with the details on how we spent some of our 48 hours in The Cotswolds. 


bourton on the water

Bourton on the Water was where we stayed, and also my fave place out of the towns that we visited. There was quite a few different things to do there, whereas a lot of the other towns that we visited didn't have much going on except to admire the houses and scenery.


The Motor Museum at Bourton on the Water was definitely Matt's favourite part of the whole trip, and it is definitely worth a visit.
It's super affordable to go in as well as there being a huge amount to see. You don't have to be into cars to go so don't let that put you off, it's full of vintage finds which were really interesting to look around.

Something that I didn't know before I went, was that this is where Brum was filmed! I couldn't believe it and thought that was really exciting 😂

The model village was so cute, and I honestly love quirky things like this - and it was only a couple of pounds to go in. There was also a model railway which we was going to head over to on the Sunday, but there was quite a lot of snow the night before and it was absolutely freezing, so we decided to head on home instead haha!




Burford had quite a few shops and pubs on the high street, so many shops had wicker baskets as well and I wanted to buy them all. We wasn't here for long as we pretty much just walked up the high street, past lots of houses with pretty doors (I was snapping away with my camera the whole time of course) and back down again.

We got here late afternoon so everything was starting to wind down for the evening so that's when we headed off to another town called Witney where we had dinner in one of the many restaurants, and they also had a supermarket to grab some evening snacks in as well (for grandma over here).


castle combe


Castle Combe was so pretty but it was also so much smaller than I was expecting. My favourite photo I took was the one above on the left, showing a bit of the bridge and some v. cute houses. But apart from there being a pub, there wasn't anything else to do there - it might be different in the Summer though.
Once we had wandered through the town, we didn't hang around as it had started to snow and we were pretty cold so we decided to move onto the next location on our list.




Bibury was a lovely little town, and I can imagine it in the Summer bustling with people and full of flowers! If the weather was nicer, we would of paid to go into the National Trust area, which I think would also be really pretty as well.




Sudeley Castle is well worth a visit if you can. We both really enjoyed looking around the castle and the gardens. The castle itself is so well kept, with a lot to see that is really interesting.
There is also a little church in the garden where somebody is actually buried (eeekk) and the gardens were really cool as well.

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