New In Home

I love following along with interior blogs, and one of the things that I really wanted to incorporate more into my blog this year is interior and home posts - so, welcome to the first one of 2018!

I have picked up a few bits recently from various different shops that I wanted to share, as I have really loved them in my home. I really cannot wait until the day that I own my own place, that I can do cool projects to and lots of decorating, and share all of that here on my blog as well - makes me so excited thinking about it.
But for now, it's just the small touches to our home that we're doing, so I really hope that you enjoy it!



This guy was an absolute bargain from Aldi for only £20! When I bought it, I had absolutely no idea where I wad going to put it in our home but wanted it so bad so got it anyway, and eventually found a spot for it that we're pretty happy with.
It is currently living right in the corner by the computer desk - at first I thought the light would be right in our eyes as we sit there but it turned out to be absolutely fine, and gives the area a bit of a cool vibe (I think so anyway)!


After I picked up the black floor lamp from Aldi, I felt the need for some more lights. I had been wanting some new lamps for our bedside tables for ages but never found the right thing, at the right price.
Bunnings Warehouse had just recently opened near me, so I decided to pop in there to see what they had and they have so much amazing lighting and at such good prices as well. I found these two gorgeous wooden vintage lamps, that I love sooo much. They have created such a different vibe in our room, and has made a big difference with just this small touch.



This bedding from H&M I had my eye on for months, before I eventually decided to buy it and I am sooo happy that I did! I was so impressed with the quality, I really wasn't expecting it to be this nice. I would definitely recommend their bedding, and am definitely in the market for some more.
There are a couple that I have seen from M&S that I really love as well but I'm not too sure if I should be getting anymore bedding, just yet...



I took something out of the oven the other day, and the tray was so hot through the oven glove that it made me drop the tray. And it was at this point, where I thought I should get a new one (hallelujah). So of course, Homesense was where I went!
I am so fussy when it comes to things like this because they are out on display so they have to look nice. Homesense had so many in stock and I have found that I really quite like, and it was only around £5 as well, so hopefully this one lasts a little longer.

While I was browsing Homesense, I also found this gorgeous set of tea towels. Now, I know what you're thinking - "Claire, they're just tea towels" but they've got flamingos on them! I couldn't leave them behind, they're just too nice and I love them a lot and yeah, that's pretty much it.


I've always had a little house for my eggs which sat on the kitchen side, but I wanted to start storing them in the fridge instead so that they last longer. So when I saw this adorable little tray in Homesense, I had to pick it up. One, because it is grey (and I love grey), and two, because it is the perfect size for the amount that I use and to store in my little fridge.



I am so in love with this mirror from H&M, and it is such a good price as well. It's added a bit of a stylish vibe to the room and just looks super nice. I wish I had more to say about this little guy, but I just love it and that's all I've got!