March's List

Hello, March! It's been a super cold start to this month with a whole heap of snow that has come our way, which has been pretty incredible. I've been walking to work this past week and enjoying it so much, the scenery has just been so gorgeous when it's been covered in snow.

For March's list, I've been struggling to think of what goals I should set myself for this month, because all I can think about is the one major thing that is happening *drum roll please*. Me and Matt are visiting the Cotswolds for a long weekend - how exciting! So expect a blog post full of country and cottage looking photos to come your way towards the end of the month, I really can't wait to use my camera there.

Apart from that, it's my sisters birthday and mothers day this month, which are nice celebrations too which I'm also very much looking forward to.

As always, I'd absolutely love to hear what you'll be getting up to this month in the comments below!



Main goal for the month - have a brill time at the Cotswolds of course! We will be staying in a lovely hotel in Bourton-on-the-Water which is said to be the 'Little Venice' of the Cotswolds which sounds amazing. I'm just so excited to explore the different areas of this location, and have started to note down places to visit and things to see/do. A few of what I've got so far includes Castle Combe Village (a must it seems), Sudeley Castle and Bibury. If you know of any other essentials places to go on our visit, please do let me know!



As some of you may or may not know, I created clairesfilms late last year. So far I have introduced it, got all of my photos uploaded and some plans on work that I can do. However, there is definitely still a long way to go! I'd really like to make time to do that this month and then to keep the ball rolling.



Really, really try to wake up and get up by 6.30am in the week - I love the idea of doing this at the weekend as well but I don't think that I'd be able to cope to be honest. I leave myself no time in the mornings to do anything productive or for myself, so that is what I'd like to introduce into my daily routine.
Although, I am definitely not a morning person, so this is going to take some training and persistence to get myself into the habit - watch this space!