April's List

*deep breath* Here we go, April. A new month, a new list, a fresh start.

If you're all caught up on my March's list reflection blog post, then you'll know that it was a little bit of a fail for me and I totally lost my mojo.
I'm treating this month as a totally fresh start for every aspect of my life, and really want to throw myself into self-improvement.

On a side note, I am so looking forward to this easter bank holiday weekend - four days off, woo! Apparently our bad snowy weather may be coming back which I'm not sure that I believe. How is it possible to get a snow storm here in the UK even once, let alone three times!
So far, I have a few plans with family for the little break, which'll be super nice but apart from that, not much else yet.

I'm also all caught up on my deep cleaning of our house, which was a goal that I set myself in February and it feels goooodd.

But that's enough rambling from me, let's get on with April.



I didn't do any reading at all in March, but getting lost in a book is one of my favourite comforts in life. I've set myself a goal of two books to read this month, but ideally I'd like to read a little more than that.
I set myself a reading challenge on Goodreads to read sixty books this year, and it would feel super good if I was able to achieve that.



I wouldn't say that I'm bad with money, but there are some definite improvements to be made.
Getting to the end of the month can be an uphill struggle at times. Sometimes, it could be out of my control (as in the expenses that need to made), but other times it's a case of that I didn't manage my money as best as I could of done. And may have spent too much on food.
So here's to a new month and managing my finances better - cheers to that!



It's so easy for me to forget what I'm doing everything for, so I'm thinking that maybe creating some sort of vision board is just what I need.
I'm not sure where I'm going to create it yet - on my computer, on paper, maybe in a notebook, who knows! I'm sure it'll be fun whatever.