March's List: Reflection


March, I cannot wait for you to be over (I feel really mean saying that). But, it's been a long month and I feel like I've been waiting since forever for pay day with only a couple of pounds to my name.
You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been away from my blog for a few weeks. The only reason that I have for you, is that I just haven't been in the right mood to write about anything. I love my blog and have put so much work into it that I'm proud of, and wouldn't like to put a downer on that with some half-hearted blog posts. Nobody wants that.

I'm hoping for a brighter mood going into April, which of course will need some effort on my behalf. I haven't done any reading this month which is something I absolutely love to do, so that's one thing I definitely want to get back into. I would also like to try and listen to an audio book, and see how I get on with that. I thought that some of the inspirational/motivational ones on my to-read list, may be well worth a listen instead.


If you'd like, you can catch up on my March's list here.


Mine and Matt's long weekend to the Cotswolds was honestly so lovely. I took lots of photos that I need to work through and edit, then I'll be able to get my post up all about it! I would love to live somewhere like the Cotswolds, it has such a different vibe and feels a lot more slower paced. The scenery and all of the cottages are my favourite as well.



I really wish that I had made the time for this in March, but same as my blog - I just wasn't in the right headspace. After I had finished work every day, I had no physical or mental energy to do anything else. But I really do want to improve on this in April, and be a girl boss of some sorts.



I just can't seem to do itttt. Every night I think to myself "right, tomorrow morning is the day that I am going to get up earlier and be super productive". In real life, I'm pretty sure that this only happened twice in the past four weeks.
I am definitely not a morning person, as much as I wish that I was. A book that has been recommend to help with things like this is 'the 5 second rule'. This is one of the books that I'd really like to give a go on audio, I think it might be just that bit more motivating.