Some Thoughts On Instagram & Favourites To Follow

Instagram is a liiiittle bit addicting, am I right?! I do love the platform and draw so much inspiration from it, but it has taken me a while to get to feeling this way. I used to follow loads of big accounts, because that was the thing to do and that's who everybody else followed, I guess... But seeing all of these accounts that to be honest, I didn't really like and were definitely not my thing left me feeling pretty unhappy and uninspired after scrolling through my feed.

I am now a lot more ruthless when it comes to who I follow on Instagram, and have got to a stage where I am super happy with who is popping up on my feed and loving almost every photo I see. Every now and then, I do love to do a follow spree as well as an unfollow spree trust me, you'll be entertained for hours - which I definitely recommend doing. Sometimes when I am going through them all, I come across accounts that I obv. fell in love with once before as I followed them but they never seem to appear in my feed because of the Instagram algorithm. So I'll go through and like a few of their photos to make sure that I start seeing them again and aalllll the things I like.

I'm sure that my fave accounts right now might not be your cuppa tea, but they're definitely mine. I love accounts that appear real, not over done on the editing side of things and show all the things I'm into such as lifestyle/travel/home/style.




This account is one of my most recent follows, I love how the easy sorta vibe Courtney creates and her Insta Stories are so aesthetically pleasing as well - I always watch them without fail.


Instagram goals right here! Kelsey creates such beautiful photos and blog posts that I love following along with. I feel that both of them have quite a calm vibe which I really like.



Gemma's account & blog I have been following along with for a little while now, and everything she creates is so beautiful. The Insta Stories of her baby Reuben are always my fave as well.


I found this account through a mention on somebody elses Insta Stories & I immediately hit follow! This is such a gorgeous feed and I love all of the colours.



Another recent follow who I found through the Botanics campaign! I love Alice's lifestyle and travel shots and she seems like such a lovely lady as well so do give her a follow!


A.K.A The Comparison Coach. After just watching a few stories and reading a few posts, I was instantly hooked to Lucy's amazing advice - this is such an uplifting account which everybody must follow!