How To Live With Intention

Living with intention is something that I've only just started to think about quite recently, but I've already realised how important I think it might be.

For the past week, I have begun to act in a few new ways that I believe to be living with intention. There are a total of 3 things which are realistic for me right now and won't be too much to scare me off! So that is what I am sharing with you today.



This may sound like the most obvious and probably biggest point, but I literally hardly do this - ever! Making a conscious effort to be present in whatever you may be doing, is one of the first steps for me. 
Whether that is doing the more mundane or the more important tasks, I need to stop letting my mind wander and getting distracted - especially when doing those tasks that I don't particularly enjoy doing. So instead of thinking about every other thing possible (including what I'd rather be doing, which makes me feel rubbish), I would like to be in the moment and put my full attention to each task.



When you have less clutter, you become more conscious of what you have and also what you bring into your space. Everything should have a purpose or bring you happiness. I believe that intentionally having less things is only a good thing for your mindset, home, time and bank balance!
I have written a few previous posts on having less things, such as 'what I decluttered in a week', 'minimalism - one size does not fit all', and 'minimalism' if you think any of those will help you in anyway.



We live in a day and age where multi-tasking is expected and naturally, we do it all the time. To be honest, when I am at work I'll only be able to do this to a certain extent. As much as I wish that I could, it just isn't the reality for me.
However, when I am at home I'm in my time so I'd like to relax and try to do one thing at a time. By doing this, I'm more intentional about what I spend my time doing and in turn am consuming less rubbish content that really, I don't want to watch or see and won't be of any benefit to me. It sounds really tough, but it's also really nice to only do what I really want to do.


How are you living with intention?