February's List

Well, hello February!


Today, I am having one of those slow days as well as being super productive in the house. Everything is pretty much clean and tidy, which feels so good and refreshing. It's been raining pretty much allll day as well, so I don't feel so bad about staying inside either!

My main goal for February is to get the ball rolling for the year and make some plans. If you're all caught up with my January List and January Reflection - you'll know that it wasn't too productive so it's definitely time to change that.


book a super small getaway

This goal is at the top of the list and vvvvv. important! I'm craving a mini adventure/retreat, so I need to find a little gem and get it booked. One of my blog goals for 2018 was also to up my travel content for here and for my Instagram as well, so this is all part of that as well.



Pinterest has been mentioned quite a bit lately, or I've just been noticing it more! But it's a platform that I haven't thought about a lot or put much effort into, and whenever I do use it - I just feel like I'm winging it!
So it's time to invest some learning into this. If you have any blog posts/podcasts/videos to recommend - please do send them my way, I would be vvv. appreciative.



I didn't feel up to doing the 'New Year clean' last month tbh, so that is now a task for this month! I've actually deep cleaned a few rooms this morning, and am literally exhausted ha! So I've just got to do the rest of the house, and then I am all done.


What's part of your plans for this month of Feburary?