February's List: Reflection

February is such a short month, and boy has it gone quick! I feel as if I haven't really had a chance to get my head around anything to be totally honest, I feel so behind while also not knowing what I'm feeling behind in (lol, help).

I'm pretty sure that I spent most of my month watching The Crown on Netflix, which is possibly the best series that I have ever watched. I actually just finished it yesterday, and I'm seriously considering watching it again. The Queen is such a girl boss and I love it - anyone else?!

In my reflection post for my January List, I only completed two out of three goals that I had set. I hate to say it, but it's the same case for this month (I'm blaming The Crown here)! Right, time to get on with this month's reflection post.



I did it and I cannot tell you how excited I am! Now, I don't mean to create suspense (maybe just a little), but it's going to be in my March list in a few days time, so make sure you give that a read if you'd like to find out where I'll be heading too! *eeeek*



Just from doing a little digging on this, I have learnt so much and can see how the platform could have huge potential for my blog. However, Pinterest is a bit of a slow burner and it's taking a lot of attention to build it up and will for a while, but I'm so sure that it'll all be worth it in the end.



I'm sorry guys, I just really didn't feel like completing the rest of the house this month. If you're reading this far in, thank you and please send some motivational vibes my way - this gal is desperate.
I mentioned on my Instagram post last week that I'm struggling to get out of bed every morning and a few others resonated with this as well. I know that this must be such a common thing, but it's always nice to know when somebody shares this with you and that you're not so alone after all!