6 Motivational Books To Read Next


In my list for January blog post, one of my goals was to read 3 books this month. Update: I am on my fourth book already, and I am so proud of that!

I am literally on a roll and can't help picking up my book and reading it every evening. I think there's so much to learn from them, and I can't wait to learn more. The first one on the list, The Little Book Of Lykke, I have just started and am really enjoying it. These little books are so informative but also a really good pick me up, the graphics/illustrations and photos add a lot of character to these reads as well which I really like.

I have a huge list of books to get through this year, and a lot of them are self-help/motivational/inspirational ones which is all I want to read at the moment. A few of those are on my Goodreads account if you are at all interested in that - I do like to have a good nose on there to see what everyone else is reading. *eyes emoji*




Last year I read Meik Wiking's other book 'The Little Book Of Hygge' and really enjoyed it, so I'm super excited for this one!
Now I'm writing this, I'm thinking that I'd quite like to read it again this year as it is such a lovely little book.

Anyway, this one about lykke (said as 'luu-kah' - cool, huh?), the front cover says 'the Danish search for the world's happiest people' and it's all about the author's research from going around around the globe and finding out what the key to happiness is in all of the different nations.
If you think this book sounds as exciting as I do, then maybe we could be besties.



Believe me when I say that I have wanted to read for so long, but I just haven't quite got round to it yet! But it's on my list and I want to be reading this soon.

I definitely have a very childish side to me but in all honesty, it's not very often that I let that side of me show. I think that this can be the case with a lot of us when "growing up" and probably why this book appeals to me so much.
As the author says in the title, "how rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier and solve your bullsh*t adult problems".

And the front cover design has sprinkles on it, who would not want to buy this?!



A toolkit for working women? I need this in my life.

I've seen this book about online quite a lot which I'm sure is for a good reason as it actually looks pretty good! It's said to include practical advice on how to succeed in your career, which I'm sure a lot of us would not say no too! It's also pocket sized and a short read, which is quite nice sometimes.



For a little while now, I've been feeling quite stagnant and wanting improvement and progression. I came across this book while browsing in a book store, and after looking at it a little online as well, I think this one would be a really good one for me because of this reason.

It's focused on women and what changes can be made in order to achieve our dreams and become more successful. 

I'm the type of person that normally needs a push to get me in the right direction, but I need to be able to push myself and not rely on those people around me. Hopefully the practical tips in this book can help me with that!


KINDNESS, Bernadette Russell

I am always thinking about being kind to people and how I can become better at this. If I ever think that I have been unkind to someone, I will literally think about this for months on end and my conscience will just take over. Anyway, back to the book!

I love the idea of doing more or better acts of kindness, as it really is the small things in life that make the most difference. I also read a lot that acts of kindness for somebody else, also has a really positive effect on yourself and how you feel about life.

It can't help to spread a little more kindness around the world anyway, plus it's free!


BETA, Rebecca Holman

When I heard about this book on Liv Purvis' recent video on books to read this year, I knew that I have to read this as it just sounds perfect and like it was written for me. 
The title says "quiet girls can run the world: there is more than one way to be the boss". That means there's hope for me *cheers*.

Sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna make it because I'm not loud enough, confident enough and I don't believe in myself. So I'm definitely not what you would call a "typical" successful woman.

This book is said to be inspiring for those people like me and that it's not all about those things mentioned above. You can be a nice person, quiet and still be successful


If you've made it this far, well done you! I really hope that you enjoyed reading my current recommendations, I'm finding myself talking more about books on my blog lately but that is all I'm doing in my spare time atm to be honest.

If you have any book recommendations, please do let me know in the comments as I'm always looking for more to add - happy reading!