St Michaels Mount - Travel Photo Diary

Words cannot express how beautiful St Michaels Mount is and how much I would recommend going if you're nearby or thinking of going. I have so many photos to share with you because I just couldn't stop snapping away, so I really hope that you enjoy them!



I loved walking the causeway up to St Michaels Mount, I thought it was so fascinating how all of this was on it's own little island with it's own little pathway leading to it.

By the time we had finished here, the tide had come in so we unable to actually walk back across. I thought this was so interesting as well, if not a little scary as you almost feel trapped!

So we hopped on a boat that they have running to and from the coast, which was so fun!



This was like a small hike and a workout, but so worth it. I loved the cobbled paths and the views on the way up were incredible.



These photos speak for themselves, but you have to be there to see how breathtaking it is. We stood at the top by the castle taking in the views for a while, there was just so much to see!



The gardens were my absolute favourite bit, I was in awe! As we first stepped into this part of the island, there was such a huge area of grass which looked incredible. Me and Matt had a crazy moment and ran across it which was pretty funny at the time, and then we sat at the edge for a while, chilling out and taking in the views once again.

The cobbled stairs and walls made it feel like an enchanted garden. The main type of plant on the island was succulents as they grow the best in the harsh conditions - they were literally everywhere and they were stunning! I would visit here again in a heartbeat.