August Goals

I am so ready for this new month, I love how they feel like a little fresh start.


Bullet journal

This has been a trend for such a long time now and I never really paid much attention to it before somebody suggested it to me.
I struggle to balance things in life and can let everything stress me out a littttle too easy. So, I'm going to start a bullet journal and be seriously organised (hopefully).



This is something that I'm getting better at as time goes on, however things are happening at the moment that I'm finding super challenging. So I thought it could be a good idea to make this part of my goals for August to focus on combatting my confidence issues and pushing past what I'm scared of - which is quite a lot.


Start a project

Whatever project it may be that I want to achieve, it doesn't matter - I just need to start something!  This ties in with confidence a little bit, as it's that which can hold me back from starting things!
Once I get started, I'm hoping I can handle it from there.


Claire x