Falmouth - Travel Photo Diary

On our Cornwall trip, Falmouth was where we stayed in our Airbnb. We went here for dinner most nights and had a lovelyyy breakfast here too, but didn't mooch around much at any other time. The only reason why was bad weather to be honest, if it was a bit brighter we probably would have ventured out a bit more!




We stayed in a lovely little annexe which was just what we needed. The room was so bright and we were really happy and comfortable there. It was our first time using Airbnb which we was a littttle nervous about, but as a first experience this went really well. 



Just before we headed home, we walked down right to the end of the street (which has some pretty good shops by the way) and came across this lovely little pier.



Would highly recommend this place, the food I looked amazing and it had such a chilled but cool atmosphere. It's not to mention super affordable as well, so there's no excuse not to check this one out!
I had also started to eat one of my eggs before I remembered to take a photo - oops!


falmouth boats and the street

I loved looking at all of the boats bobbing about everywhere. Wherever we used to go for dinner, we nearly always had a view of this which was amazing.