Lovely Things #2

If there's one thing that I'm learning at the moment, it is the art of patience.

Things take time and normally require some or a lot of effort, which is the part that seems to be taking me a while to get to grips with. *roll eyes emoji*
I hate the word 'lazy' so much, but I have been just that this year so far. But it's all changing and I'm finding myself climbing upwards now, instead of going down and that is not without hard work and perseverance mind you.

On another note, I have just finished watching the new Riverdale series on Netflix, while I'm writing this post in my notebook actually.
I just can't believe the amount of drama that goes down, it is crazy. But every time an episode finished, I just wanted to know more and yet again, found myself finishing a series in no time at all.

Now it's downnnnn to business. I have been appreciating a few bits and bobs lately and so I have have another 'lovely things' post for you! If you haven't seen my previous post, make sure you check it out here for some more, you know, lovely things!


01. Pink flowers in a vase, in the lounge
If you follow me on Instagram, then you've most probably seen my adorable new vase and the flowers that I buy for it.
Just this little touch brightens up the room so much and I love it.


02. My Molton Brown shower gel and moisturiser
These I received as a birthday prezzie, but I have only just decided to try them and I am hooked. They are so luxurious and lovely, everybody needs treats like these.


03. New plants around the house
My house has more greenery inside than ever before and I am in looooove.


04. Oreo thins
Have you tried these?! They are amazing and so moreish.