4 Things That I Leant From Girlboss

If you're wondering what Girlboss is, it's another series on Netflix (it's pretty new) that I just had to watch.
Each episode is about half an hour long, meaning that I got through all 13 episodes in about 3-4 evenings after I had finished work.

My thoughts on the Girlboss series would be that as a whole, I liked it... but I did find the main character Sophia to be a little annoying at times, and don't you just hate that?!

But I did pick up a few gem life lessons from this series that could make it a well-worth it watch for you.

  1. Ignore those who don't believe in you, you only need to believe in yourself
  2. Be fearless
  3. Take leaps of faith, you never know where it may lead you
  4. Sometimes, things or situations need to get worse before they can get better