St Ives - Travel Photo Diary

Lunch at the Scoff Troff Cafe was delicious!
Matt had a chicken, bacon, mozzarella and guacamole panini, and I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans.

Bakery stops - my favourite..

Ice cream and beaches - a dreammmm.


St Ives was so beautiful, scenic and it was just such a lovely day.

The weather started off to be really windy, but it died down as it got into the afternoon and the sun decided to come out too, which was really nice. We didn't have the best of luck with the weather on this little Cornwall holiday, but I'd say we definitely made the most of it.

St Ives was just the town of dreamssss. Cobbled streets, bakeries, cafes, little independent stores and a small but jam-packed bookshop. Not to mention, it's got a few beautiful beaches right off the town, could anyone ask for anymore?!


The beautiful beach with flowers and greenery is Portmeor Beach. It was so picturesque and beautiful. Definitely worth the little walk through, even if you just sit on one of the benches for a little while to watch the world go by.


Claire x