3 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break

We all get to a stage at some point (or many points) in our lives when we think 'I really need a break'. But, do we always listen to ourselves and actually take that break? 
It seems to be a thing in our society, that if we're completely over-working ourselves and are soo super busy, then that means that we're doing pretty well for ourselves and could even be called successful.

Myself, I actually take lots of breaks. Not going on holiday types of breaks, but 'me' types of breaks. I'm an introvert, which involves taking time to myself and doing 'me things' that I like to do.
But in my ideal world, I would really love to take more proper breaks, which involves a change of scenery. At the beginning of June, me and Matt are driving down to Cornwall and I am SO excited and it is much needed •relieved emoji*.

01. Mindset

Taking a step back from something and having a little break, can give you a different mindset and perspective on things. 
Doing this could give you some fresh thoughts and ideas, ready to get back into things.


02. Motivation

When everything is a bit non-stop, it can all get a bit exhausting and leave you feeling unmotivated in the end. 
Taking time to hit that refresh button keeps you on track and motivated.


03. Balance

This word comes around a lot and for good reason too. It's a good thing to keep balance in your life as best as you can, for example everything shouldn't be just about one thing.
There are other super important things too, like you! Take time out for yourself and what you love to do.


Claire x