Aveda Green Science Face Cleanser Review

I have been using this little guy for literally months now and it's still going, which I really cannot believe! So I thought it was about time for a review, so if you're in the market for a new cleanser or just fancy a read, make sure that you stick around for the ride.

At first, I wasn't too sure if this face cleanser was doing much for my skin at all. But now I've been using it for a really good while and given it a real chance after first impressions, I quite like it and how it leaves my skin (most of the time).



It's quite a thin liquid and has a white, milky colour to it and when using this, you only need about 1-2 pumps as a little goes a long way.
And, interesting fact for you here. It uses organic argan oil that is from the nut of an argan tree fruit, which is a key ingredient throughout the Aveda Green Science range.



The biggest difference that I have noticed in my skin is how hydrating it looks and feels. This cleanser leaves my skin looking bright and moisturised as well, meaning that I don't use nearly as much moisturiser as I used to because my skin just doesn't feel like it needs it.

I'm also super pleased with how this product cleanses (you're thinking duh, it's a cleanser but some just aren't very good). It doesn't get everything off but it does get a good majority.
I always like to use micellar water on a cotton pad after cleansing anyway, just to make doubly sure that there is no trace of make up left on my skin.

My only downside to this Aveda cleanser is that it doesn't really fight spots, but it isn't advertised too. Unfortunately this just doesn't make this the best all round cleanser for me personally and what I'm looking for.
My skin breaks out every month (as you do), and it feels like I have them for ages because it takes so long for them to disappear.



I'm really glad that I tried this cleanser, and would definitely recommend it if the benefits suit your skin. It is more of a high-end product costing about £25, but taking into consideration just how long this has lasted me and how well I got on with it, it's definitely worth the price tag.


I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, have you tried anything from the Aveda Green Science range?


Claire x