My Spring To Do List

It's been a cold & dreary start to May as I mentioned in my May Goals blog post, but the day I am writing this (which is a Wednesday), the sun decided to show itself through the dark, grey clouds. It's still pretty chilly, but the days being a bit brighter just makes all the difference.

So it's got me thinking about Spring and I thought I would put myself together a little to do list. Mainly for the purpose that it could inspire me a little bit, and it might even inspire you too!

01. Make the most of the sun when it's here. If it rains, then enjoy being cosy.
02. Spring clean - a must have on a Spring to do list, if you ask me.
03. Get your spring/summer clothes back out of storage. Go through them and get rid of what just isn't for you anymore.
04. Eat fish and chips at the beach - a personal favourite
05. Have a proper date night
06. Have a lovely time at Cornwall and take lots of photos
07. Books, books, books!
08. Treat myself to a new beauty or skincare product