April Goals

Starting with positive vibes. I really love doing these little monthly goals blog posts. As small as they may be for me, they give me something to aspire to and work towards each month, they're achievable too.
So without too much waffle, let's get on with my goals!

01. Stop quitting at hurdles

I need to start working through them instead. I am truly terrible at this, and I'm pretty sure it's down to some confidence issues. Confidence is a huge thing for me to work on, but this little goal is one of those small steps at a time.


02. Treat myself better

Work has been major stressful and busy these past few weeks, so all I want to do when I get home at the end of the day is binge of bad food and tv. It makes me feel sluggish and that's no good at all. I'd like to feel energised and healthy, so that means no more bingeing!


03. Book a holiday!

Me and Matt didn't get a break away last year *sad face*, so it is definitely feeling overdue. I mentioned before about needing a change of scenery, I think it's just what the doctor ordered.