Essential Oils: First Impressions

I was very kindly gifted some samples of essential oils from the lovely Gemma Sands and I really wanted to share my thoughts on these little guys.

I have to say that at first I was a liiiiittle bit skeptical as to whether they would work or have any affect on me at all. But I thought, why not?
So when they arrived in the post I actually felt really excited to give them a try and I've been using them ever since!



When you look at these bottles, you might think that they're small but trust me when I say that a little goes a long way! 
These are just sample bottles, so the actual full size bottles are a lot bigger. But I can imagine that they must last forever because these have lasted me months!

So the ones I was kindly sent was wild orange, lavender and digestzen.

Wild orange is so good for giving you a little boost. Whenever I have used this, I have felt more positive and happier than I did before, which is amazing.
Lavender is perfect to use when winding down and getting ready for bed. It leaves me feeling relaxed, calm and sleepy.
Digestzen has come in handy when I've felt like I needed it. Not long ago after I had eaten dinner, I felt so bloated (literally like I never have before). I wasn't too sure if this would help as it's meant to help with digestion, but I used it and it wasn't long before I felt a lot better!



I was honestly so impressed with these little oils, that I am going to get myself some more of these. They are completely pure which is what makes the doTERRA oils so special and I really do feel the difference when I use them.

I get such positive vibes from these and I think they're going to be a huge factor in improving my wellness.


Have you ever tried essentials oils, if you have what did you think of them? I'd love to hear!

Claire x