Life Lately #2

Every time I create a blog post, it heads into my 'Life' category. Is this a good thing, or do I need to start mixing it up a bit? Help!

I'm still feeling under the weather which means it's my third day of sitting at home, doing pretty much nothing. Which also means sitting with my thoughts all day long too.

Where is my life going?
What should I be doing every day?
When will I get to buy my own house?

Will I always live here, or will I move to the countryside?
Can I see/travel the world?

Ahh. Here is just a snippet into my over-thinking brain, and it's been doing a lot of that lately. I've also been doing a lot of 'feeling sorry for myself' too. 

Truth is, nobody knows the answer to those questions. It's all about taking one step at a time and making each day count. If something is making you unhappy, it's definitely time to consider some changes. But if you're happy, then you're probably on the right track.