Lovely Things #1

It's Easter Sunday, and I'm currently feeling very sorry for myself because I'm pretty sure I've got the flu or just a mega bad cold. I was meant to be going out today but I couldn't, and I was so looking forward to it. 

I really wanted to get lots of blogging done on this long weekend, but I've sortaaa failed at that.
So in an attempt to lift my spirits whilst getting a blog post out there, I have decided to note on some lovely things.


01. Plants
I now own an Areca Palm plant which I got from Ikea the other weekend, and a new succulent which my mum started to grow for me.
Plants just give off good vibes and energy, who doesn't need some of that?!


02. The smell of coffee
You'll probably be surprised to hear that I don't drink coffee, but the smell is amazing and I'd love to work in a coffee shop all day long because of it.


03. Little gestures
When I woke up this morning feeling worst for wear, Matt headed out to pick me up some cold & flu tablets and came back with some cookies too *heart eyed emoji*.