What's So Great About Hygge?

The real question here, is what isn't great about hygge, and why have you not introduced this into your life yet. There is a reason why the Danish are the happiest country in the world, and it's largely to do with 'hygge'.


One of my favourite areas of hygge, has to be inside the home. It's all about creating a space that you are really happy with, can be super cosy in and really enjoy.
This is something that I have tried to do in our home as best as I can. Everywhere is clean looking, calming, cosy and homely. The only other thing I'd like to do, is get a little more greenery inside!
I really can't wait to have my own home one day, so I can take this that step further and really make my vision come to life.



It's all about being present too, and this is another thing about 'hygge' that I'm trying to embrace. If you're with your friends, give them your attention and put your phone away.
Being present (alone or with company), also allows you to acknowledge and appreciate what is going on as well. Whether it's the smell of coffee in the morning, the flicker of a candle or the sound of birds outside the window as Spring rolls around.
These little things in life are what bring happiness, so it's super important to acknowledge these and feel grateful for them too.


I'd love to know how you have tried to incorporate some hygge into your life too!

Claire x