What's On My Netflix List

Sometimes, there's nothing better than chilling out and watching a really good film/documentary/series on Netflix. I recently ran out of things to watch, so I went through the website and saved a bunch of stuff!

Speaking of chilling out, I have neglected my blog a bit this week. Me and Matt have been watching the Iron Fist on Netflix, we got a little bit addicted and have nearly finished it. It's been nice to step away for a little while, even if I did feel a little lazy!

But back to this post, I love seeing what everyone else is watching I so thought that I'd share what's on my 'to watch' list. So if you are maybe interested in what I am watching, then just keep scrolling!



This looks like one of those really funny and light-hearted series which will take your mind off anything, and it's all about modern day relationships.



So many people have talked about this so it has to be good, right?!



This is a documentary series all about photography and capturing scenes in a new light, sounds like my cuppa tea!


house of cards

This series looks amazing and is a series that I want to dive into soon. I love a good drama.


cosmos: a spacetime odyssey

Secret fact about me, I love space! So this sort of thing really appeals to me and I can't wait to watch it. 


What are you watching or would love to watch on Netflix? I'm looking for more to add to my list!