Having A Clear Out

I didn't take any snaps to share this weekend, but I still wanted to chat about what I got up to because it was quite a productive one!

So on Saturday, I washed my car (myself, oh yeah). The sun was shining, so all I was wearing was leggings and a t-shirt and it felt sooo good. It always amazes me how much the weather can change my mood.

After cleaning my car, I seemed to catch the cleaning bug and spent my Saturday evening and most of my Sunday cleaning and tidying. I loved it though.

I spoke about minimalism in my last blog post and ever since then I have been reading all about it and also found some people who also talk about it, to keep me inspired.

On Sunday, I had a major clear out. I have these organising/throw away sessions quite often but this one I really went for it, taking a pinch of inspiration from 'The Minimalists'.

I didn't go through the whole house, but I went through most of our upstairs space & it looks so much better now. If I'm being honest though, I can't really remember 95% of what I threw away so I know I'm not gonna miss any of it.

Hope you had a great weekend x