How To Have A Better Morning

Having a better morning is something that I feel like I have almost finally got the hang of and I have also figured out a routine that suits me, a super simple one at that too.

Making these changes definitely improves my mood for the day and makes me feel tonnes better which was why I wanted to chat about this on my blog.

I'd love to know how you like to spend your mornings to make them better for you? 



If I'm being completely honest, I am not really a morning person. But I am trying to improve and that's what counts, right?!

So I try to wake up at about 6.30am (maybe before, if humanly possible on that day, very rare though) but it has slowly crept it's way up to 7am. Which is still an okay time but there's always room for a little improvement.

If I'm awake befor 7am, then I know I'll have some bonus time in the morning just for me (even after getting ready and having breakfast).

So after I'm awake, the first thing I do is get ready & I don't spent too much time on this. Minimal make up and simple hair is good enough for me!

Once I've had some breakfast, the time between that and heading off to work is when I have my me time - perfect!



  • Try to get up a bit earlier than usual - but not too early to the point where it's unnecessary and you're gonna be super tired
  • Decide what's more important for you!
    So for me, I keep my hair and makeup to a minimum because I'd rather spend my time in the morning eating breakfast or reading my book. But you do whatever floats your boat! Just make sure that you have enough time for doing a bit of what you enjoy in the mornings.
  • I would definitely recommend making time for a little yummy breakfast or beverage to get you going. Plus, you'll need the energy for your super productive day ahead.
  • Prepare the night before! If there is something that you can do in advance for the next day, do it and you'll be less stressed in the morning.


For me, a 'better' morning can actually mean different things.
Some days, it's taking 10-20 minutes to just chill out and read or catch up on some YouTube videos before my day at work starts. But other days it is a time to be productive, so maybe doing some house work or some bits for my blog.

Whether my morning has consisted of either of these things, I feel good about it and for me that is only a good thing!