Taking Time Out Of Your Day

For the past 2 weeks, I have taken time out of every single day to sit, relax and meditate. I'm on a roll at the moment and I'm sure it won't last forever, but I hope that I will continue to take some time out on most days because I am definitely starting to see a difference.

I have always been very sceptical about meditation and never really understood how it could help at all. I'd find that whenever I tried to take just a few moments to myself, my thoughts would literally take over and I would feel more stressed that I did before. Maybe that's because I wasn't distracting myself with other things - who knows.

But I wanted to chat about this today because it's what I've been up to and enjoying lately, so here goes.


What made me start taking time out was the Calm app. I downloaded to my phone on a whim and have been loving it ever since. I think I saw a recommendation for the Calm book which was how I found out about it.

I feel like the past few weeks have been really tough, but I couldn't even tell you why to be honest. My stress levels just seem to be taking a toll really. But doing this everyday is making it not so bad, and I think I'm starting to come out on the other side.

I'm only using the free version of the app at the moment because I'm trying it out, but I'm definitely considering paying for the full version because you get so much more of what I'm already really enjoying.

I am also still in love with reading, there's nothing better than getting lost in a book sometimes. That helps too.