Weekend Snaps #1

Last weekend was one of those that went by too quickly, it was almost like it never happened at all! But it was a good weekend so I can't complain.



My Saturday morning was spent doing some house work, and then heading off to the opticians. My eyes have got worse again so I need to get a new pair of glasses, the joys! I really love the glasses I have right now, so hopefully I can get the lenses changed in these.
I've had them for years so I don't really want to part with them. But I am thinking about also getting another pair, that's kinda cool and different - but we'll see!

Then I spent the afternoon doing some photos, blogging and catching up on my photography course as well. So pretty productive!



Ahh, Sundays - probably my favourite day of the week. 

I headed off to Maidstone with my sister Lily. We wandered around the shops and went to Creams for lunch. I had the white chocolate chip cookie dough with ice cream *heart eyes emoji* and Lily had a waffle with nutella, strawberries and ice cream. Deeeelicious!

I also wore this beaaaaut pink jumper from Zara which is my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now.


I hope that you all had a fab weekend too, and would love to know what you got up to. x