March Goals

March is here, and I hope it's gonna be a good one! 

February actually turned out to be a little stressful with lots of problems with our house popping up all at once. As I'm writing this, we have been without heating for nearly 2 weeks but it hasn't actually been that bad as the weather has warmed up quite a bit.

March is the month of my sister's birthday (21st to be exact, vvv exciting) and also mother's day so hopefully lots of fun things will be happening!

01. Ace the final assessment on my photography course

Am I nervous? Yes indeed. I've just got to pay attention to the lesson, revise my notes and ace it! Shouldn't be too hard I guess...

02. Keep up with 3 blog posts a week

I have been doing really well on my blog and keeping up with 3 blog posts a week. It hasn't been stressful, I have just had more ideas flowing as well as being more productive. I'm hoping that this is here to stay, but 2 blog posts a week would also be super good.

03. Spend less

I don't really spent that much anyway, but each month I have bought something or things that I didn't really have enough moneys before. So I am going to try and reign it in a little this month, and make sure that I have enough for food shopping and so on.