February Haul

Another month has been and gone, so there is another haul for you! I actually picked up a couple of bits this month without even realising it really.
I think it's because I went shopping at the very beginning of the month, so it feels like ages ago!

I'm really happy with my two style pieces and new foundation, and there's a couple of re-purchases in here as well. 

I'd love to know if you picked up any of these bits too, let me know!



I picked this up in store, so maybe if you'd like this you could pick it up in store too as it's out of stock online.
But I really love this shirt, it's really fun and easy to wear as well.


This jumper is the softest and loveliest jumper I have ever owned. It really suits my style and it's super affordable as well, so if you like it too then you should definitely get it.


This little guy is my holy grail concealer, and I haven't found anything better to replace it yet. It fits my skin tone really well (I am the shade ivory) and it's got a really good coverage too.


Another holy grail product of mine - this mascara! I am probably on my 5th one now because it's my favourite and I love it. Okay.


I am really excited about this as it is my first ever purchase from Nars eee. I got this in the shade 'Deauville' which I got colour-matched for in store, and it is a very good colour match at that.
The day I am writing this blog post is the first day that I have tried this new foundation, and I am liking it so far but of course, need to test it out a little bit more. So expect a review coming your way soon!