Minimalism - One Size Does Not Fit All

This post right here is a bit of a spur of the moment - I've got something on my mind that I just wanna get out of my system, but don't you just love those posts?!

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This video popped up in my subscription feed the other day and it's really got my thoughts going. One of the points that was made was not to get caught up in what you think minimalism should look like.

I love decluttering, having less visible items on show and just having less items in general. When I have these moments were I go through all of my bits and bobs, it literally makes me so happy and like a small weight has been lifted from my shoulders. But I definitely would not say that I am a minimalist. I'm in love with the idea though.


I follow quite a few minimalistic accounts on Instagram which I am in awe of and take a lot of inspiration from, but that doesn't my life or my version of that should replicate what I see online.
I am, and maybe you are too, way too harsh on myself, thinking that my day-to-day life should be close to the photos I see on my feed. I mean if yours is, then I think that's pretty incredible and may have taken some dedication so - go you! 

But everyone is different. Everyone has their own reality and their own expectations of themselves.


I feel that I'm beginning to ramble a little so if you're up to this point, thanks for sticking around! But what I'm trying to say is that, one size does not fit all.

My version of minimalism or anything for that matter, will not look the same as anyone else's version and that's okay. What I'm learning is that it's all about how you feel in mind and how content you are. If you're mind is feeling cluttered, chances are your physical possessions are too - but maybe when you get to a stage where you're super happy with your environment around you and you feel clutter-free, you may find that your mind will feel that way too.

But whatever that is, it doesn't have to be perfect or what you see online.


I'd love to hear any thoughts on this so feel free to share down in the comments below!

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